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Replacing old doors and windows will enhance your home’s appearance and help you save money on heating and cooling costs. As a Wichita licensed general contractor, Strategic Remodel can install new windows and doors for much less than window distributors and big box stores. We’ll help you select a style and design that will complement your home’s style and add curb appeal to the exterior.

Window Replacement

Replacement windows are a worthwhile investment in your home. Not only do they look great, installing new energy efficient windows can save you as much as 25% on your energy bills. Strategic Remodel will help you select the best replacement windows for your home.

Window frame choices include:

  • Wood frame windows offer a classic look and good energy efficiency. They’re the most expensive frame choice, however, and they do require periodic painting or staining to prevent sun, wind and rain damage.
  • Vinyl frame windows are the most affordable option and they’re energy efficient and require little maintenance. However, color choices are limited.
  • Aluminum frame windows are low cost and low maintenance, but the metal frames conduct heat easily, making them a less desirable choice when energy efficiency is a concern.
  • A newer option, composite plastic frame windows are affordable, strong, maintenance-free and energy efficient.

Common window styles:

  • Double hung windows
  • Single hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Fixed windows
  • Hopper windows

Our window replacement process begins with carefully removing and disposing of your old windows. We’ll remove any wood rot around the frame and install new wood in its place. Areas of mold will be addressed by a certified mold remediator. Then, we’ll install the new windows, making sure they’re set, level, insulated and sealed to keep out moisture, wind and insects. Finally, we’ll reinstall your trim and siding around the new windows.

Door Installation & Replacement

When you need a new exterior door installed, count on Strategic Remodel. As with windows, replacing your home’s exterior doors can help save energy. Over time, the seals around a door can become brittle and warped, allowing air to move into and out of your home.  A new, properly fitted door will shut securely and add security. There’s also curb appeal to consider. A standard door painted in a bold accent color can add beauty to a home, while decorative options can create a unique or luxurious look. Whatever your needs, Strategic Remodel will help you select the ideal replacement door for your home.

Entry Doors

Exterior doors are available in a variety of materials, each with its own benefits.

  • Fiberglass doors are a popular choice for their durability, strength, energy efficiency and style options. They’re often painted, but some options are stained to look like real wood. PVC doors are a similar option.
  • Solid wood doors, while a traditional choice, offer poor energy efficiency. Wood swells and shrinks with fluctuations in temperature and humidity, even with insulation and weatherstripping. Over time, wood doors tend to bow, warp and crack until they no longer shut or seal properly.
  • If you like the look of wood doors but want energy efficiency, insulated wood doors are a good solution. Made with a core of foam insulation covered by a wood veneer.
  • Steel doors are a cost-effective option, although there are few style choices available. They have a steel skin surrounding a foam core, so they are durable, solid and energy efficient.

Exterior doors typically come prehung with weatherstripping pre-installed. This helps the door fit securely in the jamb and provides a snug fit between the door and frame. Side lites or transom lites, which are fixed windows located on one or both sides of the door, may be added to add interest and let natural light into your home. Entry doors can also have window panels in a wide range of styles, from ornate stained glass to simple frosted privacy panes. Finish your new front door with stain or paint and new hardware.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding patio doors are great for letting in natural light, but older sliding doors are prone to leaks and sticking. Strategic Remodel can either replace an existing set of sliding patio doors or expand a single door opening to accommodate sliders. New styles are more energy efficient and operate more smoothly, and typically include a locking mechanism for security.

Storm Doors

Strategic Remodel installs new or replacement storm doors on homes in the Wichita area. Screen doors and storm doors add an extra barrier over your home’s entry points to help block wind and rain. They also offer the ability to open your front door to let air and light in while keeping unwanted guests out. Choose a storm door with a screen or without. Some even have retractable, hidden screens. Select from full glass or both glass and metal panels. A range of colors and hardware options are also available.

Discover how new windows or doors from Strategic Remodel can help you save money while adding curb appeal. Contact us at (316) 737-7568 for a free consultation.

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