Complete Kitchen Remodeling

Our clients have one story that comes up time after time. Their kitchens are the hubs of all family gatherings and holiday events. It is the most heavily trafficked and most important room in the house.  Kitchens are very specific to the home chef. Are you tired of your kitchen or it just doesn’t work for you anymore? A complete kitchen remodel will give you your dream kitchen. Strategic Remodel works on a lot of kitchens in the Wichita & surrounding areas. A full kitchen remodel involves (as the kitchen design needs):

  • Completely remove all the old cabinetry and install new ones
  • Remove and replace kitchen appliances as needed
  • Repair any moisture damage and water proof your new kitchen
  • Increase or reduce the size of the kitchen by relocating walls
  • Add or remove windows or sun lights
  • Move plumbing if the design calls for it
  • Move and/or add electrical as the design calls for it
  • Lay custom tile and flooring

We do all this while maintaining a very clean work place so that you can continue to comfortably live with the remodel.   We want your kitchen remodeling experience to be a positive one. Strategic Remodel guarantees excellent customer service and exemplary craftsmanship. Our kitchen remodeling process is simple:

  • In-home consultation
  • Design consultation
  • Final proposal
  • Building phase
  • Final evaluation

Small & Partial Kitchen Remodeling

During a partial kitchen renovation, Strategic Remodel will replace and/or upgrade the parts of your kitchen that needs help and leave the still functioning parts alone. This can include laying new flooring, tile work, new lighting, and refinishing existing cabinetry. This is a budget-friendly option and for those looking for a simple upgrade rather than starting from scratch. As with all our remodeling projects, we keep your home clean and tidy so that you can continue to live throughout the process. Knowing that the kitchen is the center of your home lives, we strive to work as quickly as possible.

Strategic Remodel works with our homeowners every step of the way. We will try our best to keep our work zone small and tidy so that we do not impact your living space too much. We respect your home and your time, so we strive to work as fast as possible.

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