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Drywall is the most common building material for walls in the Wichita area. It is a heavy board made of gypsum plaster that is pressed between two sheets of paper. Working with drywall boards is a messy and dusty process. Our crews will take the proper precautions to contain as much dust as possible, keeping the clean up minimal.

Strategic Remodel has the tools and experience that makes any drywall project quick and easy. If you are finishing an unfinished space or have torn your old walls down to the studs, we can hang, finish, and texture new drywall for you.

For bathrooms, we would recommend mold/mildew resistant drywall. In other rooms, Strategic Remodel will install normal drywall. Precisely taping and finishing the seams will give your final product a very smooth and continuous look.

Perhaps the whole room is just fine except a hole or two that’s been punched in the wall. Strategic Remodel also provides drywall patching services. If the hole is big enough, we will cut a new piece of drywall to fit then mud and sand the patched area. Once smooth and repainted, you wouldn’t believe there was a hole there.

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