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Custom cabinets add beauty and functionality to a kitchen, bathroom, pantry or a wet/dry bar. Strategic Remodel is a premier cabinet remodeling contractor in Wichita, Kansas. We specialize in custom designs to give you the room of your dreams. Whether you need more storage, you want to make better use of the space, or you simply want a different style, we’ll create a cabinet design that exceeds your expectations.

Our Cabinet Remodeling Process

As an experienced cabinet renovator, we do our best to minimize disruption and make having your new cabinets installed a pleasant experience. We keep our work area clean and provide you with a timeline so you know what to expect. After removing your old cabinets, we’ll ensure your new cabinets are installed square and level so your countertops will fit perfectly.

Sometimes the design of a cabinet remodel creates a different footprint in the kitchen or bathroom. Strategic Remodel is a cabinet general contractor, so we’re able to repair the walls and/or flooring around the new cabinets so no one will be able to tell they’ve been moved.

Cabinet Styles

Cabinets come in all shapes, sizes, finishes, styles and build qualities, so we can completely customize your project to fit the space, your taste and your needs. As an experienced cabinet remodeler, we can recommend a style and finish to give you the look you want.

Traditional Cabinets
Traditional cabinet designs include beadboard, raised-panel doors and inset recessed doors with a visible frame around the doors. They’re a good fit in most kitchen styles and look good stained or painted.

Shaker-Style Cabinets
Shaker cabinet designs feature clean, simple lines. They typically have recessed-panel doors with rail frames. These functional cabinets offer a casual yet classic look that works well in nearly any style of kitchen. Shaker style cabinets are often stained with a dark color, but they can also be painted for a more modern look.

Rustic Cabinets
Country or rustic-style kitchen designs often incorporate cabinets with a casual, well-used look. Rustic cabinets are often made of pine or oak, with light stains for finishes that allow the natural knots and wood grain to show through.

Slab or Flat-Panel Cabinets
For a minimalist look, cabinets with flat-front or slab doors are a great choice. They feature clean and simple lines with no visible frames, decoration or framing. Finish options include laminate, paint, stain or even natural wood.

Contemporary Cabinets
Contemporary and modern cabinets feature flat-panel designs with simple hardware. They typically feature single colors ranging from classic black and white to bright, bold hues.

French Country Cabinets
For a warm, cozy look, French country cabinet styles are a popular option. Features like ornate carvings and moldings with arches and furniture-like feet fit in perfectly with rustic and country kitchen designs. These cabinets may be stained or painted. Light, creamy colors are often used along with distressed finishes.

Craftsman-Style Cabinets
Straight lines, simple designs and little to no ornamentation are the hallmarks of craftsman design. These cabinets are a good choice when quality construction and a clean look are desired. These arts and crafts style cabinets work well in both traditional and modern kitchens. Finish options include dark and light paint or stain.

Tuscan Style Cabinets
Historical and traditional kitchens alike are a good fit for Tuscan style cabinets. Common features include raised panels on cabinet doors and decorative shelves, hoods and cornices. These cabinets are often stained a dark rich color for a natural feel.

Decorative Cabinet Options

We can add decorative elements to further customize any cabinet design, including:
• Open shelving
• Beadboard
• Glass-front cabinets
• Under-cabinet lights

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If you’re ready to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look, contact Strategic Remodel at 316-737-7568 today. We’re an experienced cabinet remodeling company with the skill to bring your vision to life.

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