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Custom Work from Home Space

Upgrade your work from home space with a custom home office from Strategic Remodel. As a licensed remodeling contractor in Wichita, Kansas, we have the expertise to deliver a personalized design that will exceed your expectations. Whether you’re working remotely or just need a space to manage your personal finances, you deserve an office that works for you.

Creating a dedicated office space in your home will increase your comfort, help reduce distractions, encourage focus and creativity, and add value to your home. If you already have a home office, we can remodel it to make it more functional. The colors, finishes, lighting and layout can all be designed to fit your personality, your job and your needs.

Improve Comfort

Save your back and neck from the strain of crouching over a laptop at the dining room table. A built-in desk or worktable can provide the surface area you need at the correct height for optimal office ergonomics. This will help avoid chronic-use injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Since the design will be completely customized to your space, it’s even possible to accommodate dual workstations so two people can work remotely or participate in online school.

Reduce Noise

If your job requires making a lot of phone or video calls, we can install sound-dampening materials to help soundproof the room. If roommates or family members will be using other parts of the house while you’re working, a solid core door can also help reduce sound transmission into and out of the room.

Increase Storage

Need more storage for your work supplies and files? We can build custom shelving to help you stay organized while maximizing space and matching the room’s design.

Add Convenience

Save yourself trips back and forth to the kitchen with a custom coffee station in your new home office.

If your job involves frequent video meetings, we can design a professional-looking workspace so you won’t have to rely on virtual backgrounds.

Encourage Creativity

Having a custom home office means the entire space can be personalized for how you work best. Whether you want colors that soothe or inspire, a space for brainstorming ideas or the ability to adjust the lighting in the room throughout the day, we’ll create a design that exceeds your expectations.

No Space? No Problem.

If your home is short on extra space, don’t worry. We can remodel extra bedrooms, finish attics or lofts, transform unused space under the stairs or in the garage, or even build a home office addition.

It’s time to make your work from home space work for you. Contact us today online or at (316) 737-7568 for a free consultation for home office remodeling.

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