As the Wichita weather beats down on your home’s exterior, your siding will start to fail. Hail damage can crack siding and expose the house’s structure to moisture and mold. Wood siding can start to rot and old metal siding can bend, fray, and become dangerous to be around. Strategic Remodel provides siding repair and new siding installation. Homeowners have many options when it comes to siding. We will consult with you on the best options for your home and neighborhood. 

Siding installation by trained, knowledgeable, and experienced company is critical to the longevity of your home. A poor installation will cause costly damage to the bones of your home. Strategic Remodel is careful to avoid gapping seams, waving panels, poorly cut trim, and insulation problems. We repair and replace any wood rot as part of the window installation process. Even in dry years, Wichita still receives plenty of rain to cause rot in old and leaky windows. If we encounter mold, our project manager will contact a certified mold remediator to have it removed and made safe again. 

Our Siding Installation Process

Strategic Remodel always maintains a clean and tidy work zone. We strive to keep out of the homeowner’s way so they can continue to live through the exterior siding installation process. We remove and dispose of the old siding while making sure all nails, scraps, and chips are cleaned up. We install backing insulation behind the new siding. We place the new siding and caulk in all the right places so that the home’s exterior is waterproof. When the installation is finished, your home will look better than brand new.

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Strategic Remodel can re-side your home for much less than siding distributors and big box stores. Our team will meet with you and draw up plans that will exceed your expectations. Call us today at (316) 737-7568.

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