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Outdoor Kitchen with Pavers

Our Wichita weather is very favorable for adding a backyard kitchen to your home. We all frequently grill out during the spring, summer, fall, (and sometimes winter) months. For the true grill master, a backyard kitchen simplifies meal prep and provides the entertainment hub for any gathering.

Outdoor Kitchens Are Perfect for Wichita

Outdoor kitchens are not only for luxury homes. They can be for anyone and any property. Besides the dedicated grilling and cooking area, they can provide added counter top space and enclosed storage. Just like your kitchen is where everyone gathers during parties and events, the outdoor kitchen simply moves that traffic outside during the pleasant months.

The outdoor kitchen area is very easy to clean up and can move dirty, greasy, or smell-producing dishes from the indoor kitchen to the open air of the backyard. Deep frying our favorite fries, chicken wings, or catfish does put off some fast food odors and are messy to clean up. Simply moving that process outside to your beautiful stone kitchen completely changes that. Using more counter top space than off-the-shelf BBQ grills can provide helps the grill master plan and stage main dishes and sides without having to continually going in and out of the home (and losing precious air conditioning) is invaluable.

What to Include in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Strategic Remodel will build your outdoor kitchen to suit your specific needs and requests. Typically, outdoor kitchens are made out of stone, tile and/or granite which are all designed to withstand the elements. Common features of an outdoor kitchen include:

  • Multi-burner gas, propane, chargoal and/or wood grills
  • Pizza ovens
  • Wet or dry bar
  • Adjoining fire pits
  • Storage cabinets
  • Eat-on countertops
  • Drink refridgerator

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Enjoy your backyard more often by letting Strategic Remodel change it into an oasis. Let us provide you with a variety of options for your next exterior home remodeling project. Our team will meet with you and draw up plans that will exceed your expectations. Call us today at (316) 737-7568.

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