Backyard Garden Trellises

Backyard Garden Trellis

A beautiful home deserves a beautiful backyard garden trellis. Well designed, professionally crafted landscapes offer homeowners aesthetic enjoyment and a deep connection with our beautiful Wichita climate. It also enhances property values and resale prices because garden trellises are not as common in the midwest as they are in other parts of the nation. Having Strategic Remodel build a custom garden trellis for your home puts your home and yard in a league of its own.

Benefits of a Garden Trellis

Besides the obvious beauty of an architectural piece such as a garden trellis, there are many functional reasons that will help your backyard work better for you. Garden trellises provide a privacy screen from neighbors, urban features, and even the sun. Privacy is important. A wood privacy fence from Strategic Remodel can work wonders for offering more privacy, and a garden trellis can provide something similar with style. Wichitans love their produce gardens, and a trellis can provide shade for fruits and vegetables that require a little less of our harsh Kansas sun.

They also provide an outdoor partition that help divide the yard. An excellent example is providing a beautiful walled barrier that separates the family vegetable garden from the green space that your kids play soccer in. A garden trellis can be built to block some of the Kansas southwestern wind so that the backyard fire pit can be more safely used. A custom garden trellis provides and encourages backyard comfort. It helps filter out road or neighbor noise. They provide a foundation for climbing vine plants which also attracts favorable song birds and butterflies.

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