Wichita homeowners love backyard gardens. They represent a calm retreat away from the busy work week. After your landscape architect is finished with your yard, call Strategic Remodel to build a garden arbor as the finishing touch for your backyard.

There are few limits on what your garden arbor can be. Typically, garden arbors are small entry way-style structures. Strategic Remodel can build custom garden arbors that can also double as pergola. Also, we can craft an arbor with an attached chair swing for a semi-covered place to relax.

Just like our pergola, trellis, or fence projects, our clients have options when it comes to building materials. Garden arbor wood choices include treated lumber or cedar if you want a natural or stained wood look. If you want a painted arbor, we could construct it with regular lumber and paint to suit. Our garden arbors are tailor made just for you!

Are you just not very excited about the pre-fabricated garden arbors at your local home improvement store? Those bland options turn a lot of people away and few take advantage of a proper garden arbor. Let Strategic Remodel design a new, custom built garden arbor for your backyard so you can truly appreciate the potential your backyard has.

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