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Wooden Multilevel Backyard Deck

Backyard Deck

In summer, the night begins and ends on a Wichita backyard deck. Decks come in all shapes and sizes and can be built in conjunction with a pergola. If your home doesn’t have a backyard deck yet or is in desperate need of repair, call Strategic Remodel today.

Most decks are made of wood, and wood choices include treated lumber or cedar if you want a natural or stained wood look. If you want a painted deck, we could construct it with regular lumber and paint to suit. The homeowner also has options for synthetic decks which are completely maintenance free and look absolutely awesome. Our decks are tailor made just for you!

A new deck from Strategic Remodel is an excellent investment for your home. It enhances your exterior’s appearance, provides additional space for family and guests, and extends your outdoor season.

Covered Decks

If you want to extend the seasons even more, consider a covered deck from Strategic Remodel. A screened in deck keeps bugs, mosquitos, and debris off of your deck and provides a sanctuary for family and guest to enjoy day and night. Covered decks can be attached or unattached from the home. In either case, we will design and build it to perfectly match and blend your current home.

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Enjoy your backyard more often by letting Strategic Remodel change it into an oasis. Let us provide you with a variety of options for your next exterior home remodeling project. Our team will meet with you and draw up plans that will exceed your expectations. Call us today at (316) 737-7568.

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