Backyard pergolas are one of the most functional, interesting, and versatile structures a homeowner can add to their home. It reduces sunlight going into the home therefore lowering your electric bills. It provides much needed shade in our Wichita hot summer months.

Benefits of a Custom Backyard Pergola

Pergolas are a show piece that look great with any home architecture style. In essence, a pergola is just a pillared structure with open sides and roof. So, Strategic Remodel can design and build any backyard pergola that fits your personal style. Adding one to your landscape will:

  • Provide shade for family and guests
  • Reduce interior air conditioning costs
  • Offer added protection from the Kansas elements
  • Creates an opportunity for added exterior lighting
  • Provides the perfect gathering space and patio furniture
Strategic Remodel does not provide pre-fabricated pergolas. We custom design and build a backyard pergola that fits your home’s aesthetic and terrain. We’ll work with you and your ideas on size, style, and color. Pergola wood choices include treated lumber or cedar if you want a natural or stained wood look. If you want a painted pergola, we could construct it with regular lumber and paint to suit. Our pergolas are tailor made just for you!

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