yellow safety helmet contractor

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

It’s the number one contractor complaint that I hear all of the time: “I hired a guy but he was flaky. He rarely showed up when he said he would and sometimes it would be days before I would hear anything from him.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that story from… Read more »

Cabinet install process

Remodel Vs. Renovation

I see it and hear it all of the time: “renovation” when they mean “remodel” and vice versa. People looking to add variety in their sentences often alternate between the two words to keep from repeating themselves. No harm in that, really. But it’s good to know the difference between a remodel and a renovation… Read more »

A master bathroom makeover

The Right Bathroom Remodel Adds Resell Value to Your Home

A beautiful bathroom renovation creates a private spa-like retreat that you can enjoy anytime. It is worth the investment for that alone. But the good news is that a bathroom remodel adds resell value to your home. You can reap the rewards well after your last long soak in the tub. How much? Depends on… Read more »

Kitchen remodeling

In What Order Should You Remodel Your House

Where to start? You have a home with good bones, but it needs work. You can picture it being the home of your dreams but there’s so much you would like to do. Which remodeling project should come first? I get that question a lot. My usual answer is this: What’s your goal? Are you… Read more »

Male hand choosing cabinet or countertop materials

8 Types of Cabinets to Consider for Your Remodel

Cabinets are a big decision. Think about it. They do more than hold your fragile dishes, they’re large planes of color, shape, and texture that can make or break a room. They’re a major part of your kitchen remodel. It’s not always easy to decide what is best for a room when it comes to… Read more »

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